Buffalo Bill Historical Center
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The Buffalo Bill Historical Center Unveils The Proctor Studio Collection

The Proctor Museum is excited to announce that a long-term vision has come to life with the opening of the Proctor Studio at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (BBHC) in Cody, Wyoming.

The Proctor Studio is a life-size recreation of the artist’s actual studio, bringing Proctor to life for visitors as they wander through a replica of his working environment. Visitors to the Proctor Studio see a 12-foot plaster of Proctor’s Rough Rider monument, in large pieces exposing the original, metal armature and hardware.

With almost 100 artworks on display, including plasters, bronzes and original clay, a sculpture model puzzle, and video about the making of a statue, the Proctor Studio collection is truly an overall experience in how a sculpture comes to life.

More information on the Buffalo Bill Historical Center website