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Proctor’s Rough Rider Monument, Home in Oyster Bay, NY

Rough Rider monument, Oyster Bay, New York

The 12-foot Rough Rider bronze was moved to its permanent location, situated at the entrance to the hamlet of Oyster Bay near Roosevelt’s historic family home and summer White House.

The Rotary Foundation of Oyster Bay raised the funds to purchase the monument complimenting the area’s extensive tribute to Roosevelt. The town dedicated the Rough Rider monument in grand style on October 30, 2010. A large crowd watched as a Navel Honor Guard from the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier raised a special flag designed for the occasion.

The bronze monument was cast from a mold from the original 1920 plaster, created by Alexander Phimister Proctor. The original plaster has been donated to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY.

Photo Credit: Reilly + Associates, Architects